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This isn’t the first halfling to have crossed your path ? Title: Tell Me Everything Author: Lilith Email: cyd200@hotmail.com Pairings: Faramir/Sam, implied Faramir/Boromir and Sam/Boromir Rating: NC17 Warning: Slash, interspecies sex Summary: Faramir comforts Sam, and changes his ideas about the ring of power. Disclaimer: All characters belong to the Tolkien estate; all smutty ideas herein are my own. Author’s Note: This is just a fluffy little story based on Peter Jackson’s Faramir, not Tolkien’s. I understand the rationale for the scriptwriters’ changes, but I was never quite convinced that Faramir would have such a complete change of heart. This answers some of my questions. Most of the story is set in scene #41 (“Sons of the Steward”) on the Extended Edition of Two Towers, as Faramir sits remembering his brother. Archive: Library of Moria and where posted; others please ask first. Feedback: I adore it! “This isn’t the first halfling to have crossed your path ? Faramir, tell me everything.” I spurred my steed down the narrow alley behind Gandalf and his tiny companion. No, this was not the first halfling I had seen. But what could I tell Gandalf of the hobbits I knew? Of their journey, to be sure, where we met and how we parted. Of my knowledge of the ring, yes, he would want to know that, and I would gladly tell.
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